Trend is a technology service company located in the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario Canada. Trend provides technological support services to local schools, and through a partnership with Rainbow Marketing hosts and designs websites.

The Trend team is made up of Bob Gerryts and Jamie VanderWier. They each bring over ten years of work experience in the field of technology.

Bob Gerryts
With an history in computer education, and 12 years of providing technical support to area schools Bob is the lead of the Trend team. His areas of expertise include Windows server setup and maintenance, Linux proxy server setup and maintenance, networking, and pc repair.

He is currently servicing all three of the Trend client schools as well as teaching 2 computer science courses at Smithville District Christian High School.

In addition to providing technical support for area schools, Bob has over 4 years of experience in hosting, and developing websites for local businesses. In 2005 Trend partnered with Rainbow Marketing to bring this area of the business to a new level.

Jamie VanderWier
In a part time capacity Jamie adds strength to Trend with his 14 years of experience as a service technician for SPX Canada Inc. During his day job at SPX, Jamie provides technical support for computer equipment used in the automotive industry.

For Trend, Jamie's areas of expertise include consulting on computer repairs, networking, and computer lab design.

As Trend expands into the website hosting and the website design field, Jamie brings constructive analysis to every project. Focusing on quality control, he ensures that development from beginning to end is done precisely, and with the end user in mind.

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